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Our Nail Journey

Zoeve LLC is a small family company currently managed by a wonderful team of women. Our goal is to bring you not only high quality & durable products but also world-class customer service to give you the best experience. Each department is handled by a different team member to ensure quality. Our team has remained small in order to keep our core values and high standards as a priority. We value each and every single one of our customers! Zoeve LLC was founded By Eve Cruz who Began her nail art journey in 2017. As a nail artist her goal is to not only to deliver aesthetic results, but also highly focuses on the quality & durability of nail enhancements. Eve now educates nail techs around the nation to learn skills that help them work more efficiently and gain insight on quality focused work. ZOEVE products are a result of diligent research and testing by Eve, to meet the highest standards in the nail industry. Our products are designed to help you achieve optimum results as a student or a professional.

Learn to do it yourself

This online downloadable class is extremely detailed using methods and techniques to help you understand acrylic on a deeper level, allowing you to resolve acrylic issues as you go. Invest in your future in this very competitive industry. Click below to enroll today!


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